“And what is the use of a book,” thought Alice “without pictures or conversation?”

Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has inspired movies, songs, re-imaginings, and (of course) graphic novels.

Frank Beddor re-imagined Wonderland in his trilogy The Looking Glass Wars. In his books, the true story of Wonderland, Alyss must fight to regain the throne of Wonderland, where all imagination comes from. Her enemies are The Cat, a nine-lived assassin, and Redd Heart, her aunt and the usurper of the throne. Alyss is helped by Hatter Madigan, her mother’s bodyguard, and the Alyssians of Wonderland.

Hatter M. stars in his own comic series, which details the years after he and Alyss were separated fleeing Wonderland through the Pools of Sorrow. He travels around Europe following those with the strongest white glow of Imagination, trying to find his princess.

Wonderland follows MaryAnn, the White Rabbit’s maid mentioned in the original book, as she follows the destruction left by “The Alice Monster.” The Queen of Hearts want to behead MaryAnn’s boss, various animal citizens of Wonderland want MaryAnn to take over Wonderland, and MaryAnn just wants to tidy things up.

While there is a Disney-esque flavor to the art, there is a bit more creepiness in the story. The Jabberwock and the three little girls from the treacle well make an appearance. We also meet other Royal Cards and learn where they have been all this time.



  1. A great story that will be adapted into all kinds of formats forever more. Another recent graphic novel adaptation of this classic has been published by Campfire. You can have a look at it here – http://www.campfire.co.in/Classics_Alice_in_Wonderland.aspx

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