Week 3! Ninjas VS Vampires & Fairies VS Zombies

Teen Read Month Read Beyond Reality Tournament!


Will Recca’s flames toast the vampires? Or will he be overwhelmed by the strength and speed of the Vampires of the Cross Academy? Maybe they will be outnumbered by the bunshin of Naruto? Or perhaps Karin will… okay I can’t really see her fighting, but maybe her family?

I suppose the sparklepires will win the day again.


Fairies come in all sorts of sizes, have incredible speed, good hygiene, cunning, and magical powers!

Zombies are implacable, slow, stupid, nasty smelling, and flammable.

Fairies are the protagonists and antagonists of a large number of books.

Zombies are either smelly angst-muppets or smelly annoyances with only a few books.

Fairies should win!

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