X-Men Misfits

X-Men Misfits is very disconcerting for me. Not just for the uniforms.

The storyline is interesting. I was surprised that Kitty was the only female, but then remembered she was the first of the new generation of mutants in the original stories. What threw me off was having many male characters who had been much older than Kitty de-aged to their teen years. All the other female characters remained adults. I gather there will be some new girls in the next book.

They do use a lot of the original characters but they are mostly not introduced or explained. I am not sure someone could pick up this book without the background and completely follow the action.

The art is pretty, although they don’t always distinguish people very well. The new looks for some of the characters is rather odd. For example The Beast is now some combination of the Catbus and Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro.


Bad guys are now good. Good guys are now jerks. Some things are very confusing but original Marvel is a bit messed up now too so I suppose I can’t complain.

I’m not sure how successful this book was overall.


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  1. I think the book won an award, but it got cancelled by Del Rey Manga after the first volume. Hope this helps.

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