Week 1: Wizards VS Vampires!

Teen Read Month Read Beyond Reality Tournament!
Some wizards and vampires are frankly too adorable to fight.

Negima!? Neo! – Negi Springfield, mage in training and master of battle magic. He is backed by his fearsome and strangely skilled class 2A. No quidditch jokes, please.

Chibi Vampire – Karin doesn’t need to drink blood, she needs to give it away! When she finds an unhappy person, she can bite them and give them her extra blood, giving them confidence and happiness.

But don’t think being pretty or cute means they aren’t tough!

Courtney Crumrin is a magic user with an attitude and it ain’t nice. She doesn’t care about popularity or suffering fools. She does like the fairies and goblins and other things that go bump in the night.

Vampire Knight Yuki Cross protects the humans of the Day Class from the vampires of the Night Class at the Cross Academy, where the Headmaster is trying to improve relations between humans and vampires. Secrets and betrayals abound!

Comment here to defend your choice!

EDITED TO ADD: The winners are Ninjas and Vampires. Come back for their match up in the third week.


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