Week 1: Ninjas VS Pirates!

Teen Read Month Read Beyond Reality Tournament!


NarutoGlitter-1For Team Ninja we have Uzumaki Naruto of the Naruto manga! With his massive ninja powers, he can overwhelm an opponent with his Shadow Clone Technique, making hundreds of copies of himself. There’s power in numbers, folks! He can also use the explosive Rasengan technique, or just summon an enormous, sword wielding toad!Luffy

For Team Pirate we have Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hats! Luffy consumed the Gum Gum fruit which gave him super-stretching powers. His crew includes an expert swordsman, a weather-controlling thief, a marksman who can also invent anything, a chef who literally kicks butt, a shapeshifting doctor, a superpowered archeologist, a cyborg shipwright, and a living skeleton.

ReccasmallBack to Team Ninja with Recca from Flame of Recca. Recca is a modern day guy who always wanted to be a ninja. He eventually learns he is a real, flame-wielding ninja. He chooses to serve Yanagi, a reincarnated princess with the power to heal. Recca’s friends acquire various magical weapons to help Recca.

Team Pirate is joined by Polly and her loyal crew. A proper girl proclaimed Polly and the piratessmallthe new Pirate Queen, Polly finds it in herself to lead the crew, escape the Navy, and thwart the son of the Pirate King. Swordfighting, blazing guns, and explosions are just part of the action.

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