Wolverine! (sort of)

I started out as a Marvel fan. I read Spider-man, then got into the Avengers, then, of course, the X-Men. Then I became a DC fan, then manga.

Marvel started to disappoint. Then they decided to cut the number of mutants at the end of the House of M and had mutant superpowers floating around in the upper stratosphere and I threw an online hissy fit. I can only suspend so much disbelief. (The logical conclusion of stopping mutations in the 616 Marvel universe should have lead to a dramatic rise in childhood cancers, stillborns, and a plummeting birth rate. Just saying.)

So I haven’t been reading much Marvel lately.

Still, I was a fan and I was fairly familiar with Wolverine’s myriad number of secret origins and personal histories. (He gets retconned a lot.)

So I was interested when Del Rey announced they would be producing an all new, alternate-universe book of Wolverine.

Logan is now a teenager, though the book is set in modern times. He still has very few memories. He was found in a forest and taken into a martial arts school, where he excelled.

Naturally, Logan’s unknown past has to come back and haunt him. Lots of messiness follows. Conspiracies, old enemies, huge agencies chucking medical ethics out the window, etc.

To the author’s credit, they aren’t just putting a retread on the original stories. There are new characters and new-ish situations.

Worth a read.

Note: Del Rey is also publishing a re-imagined X-Men starring Kitty Pryde as the first female mutant in her generation. So she’s off to the here-to-fore all-boys Xavier School. Teen angst ensues. With superpowers. And Japanese-school uniforms rather than the traditional black and yellow bodysuits.


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