Girls just wanna…

…kick butt and change the world!

Spider-Girl is May Parker, a future daughter of Peter Parker, the amazing Spider-man. She was originally created for a one-shot imaginary story, but was so popular that Marvel continued with her and other “next generation” heroes. And super-hero teens can have a whole set of problems. Her parents, dad especially, were not happy about their little girl going into the hero business and she still has to hide her identity from her school friends. There are a few other titles set in this version of the Marvel Universe: A-Next the new Avengers, and Wild-Thing the daughter of X-Men’s Wolverine. These books are rated for all ages.

Girl Genius a gaslamp fantasy with adventure, romance & mad science featuring Agatha Heterodyne. The world of Girl Genius is a Victorian-style steam-punk adventure. People born with The Spark can go into a trance and create wonderful (and dangerous) machines. Agatha is last of her family line and is a very powerful Spark. She is chased by others who wish to control her. Her allies are the Jagermonsters and The Emperor of Cats. The stories are fast paced and there are a lot of puns. A great read.



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