Novels going graphic!

While there is a long history of comic book adaptations of classic stories, the growing popularity of the graphic format is leading to an increase of adapted and original graphic novels by popular authors.

Artemis Fowl the graphic novel is a straight adaptation of the first novel. Criminal genius Artemis Fowl II decides to restore the family fortune by stealing fairy gold.

Stormbreaker is an adaptation of the popular Alex Rider series. This set of thrillers works very well in graphic format!

Warriors graphic novel series is a parallel storyline from the main novels. The manga follows Graystripe after he was taken by Twolegs (humans) in Dawn, the third book of Warriors the new prophecy until his return in The sight the first book in Warriors, the power of three. The story deals with Graystripe’s escape from the Twolegs and his struggle to return to the clans. He heart also starts to mend when he meets a kittypet, Millie, who leaves her family behind for him.

Avalon High Coronation is the sequel to Meg Cabot’s Avalon High. King Arthur has been reincarnated to hopefully lead the world into a new golden age. If he can survive! Elaine Harrison (the reborn Lady of the Lake?) narrates this modern tale of King Arthur and his knights.


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