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Here’s our first volume of Yurara!

Yurara Tsukinowa is a nice girl who has ability to see ghosts and sense their emotions. This gift can cause her problems, as she often can’t help but react to what she, but no one else, sees. When she starts at her new school, she is dismayed to find a ghost sitting at her new desk. Luckily for Yurara, two boys in her class, Mei Tendo and Yako Hoshino, can also see ghosts and have spiritual powers to fight the nastier ones. Yurara also develops a new power; she has a strong (and beautiful) guardian spirit which emerges to fight and release spirits into the next world.

This is a fun new series. There are serious moments, but a great deal of humor as well. Mei keeps trying to flirt with Yurara, either version of her. The boys keep arguing with each other, and the other girls in Yurara’s class are furious that she is getting Mai and Yako’s attention.

Want something else new? Ask for it here! You can ask for manga, anime, movies, music, novels, or anything that we might buy. I can’t guarantee that the library will purchase everything (limits of budget, collections, etc.) but it can’t hurt to ask. And if the item is purchased, you will be the first to check it out! (Unless someone else asked for it first…)

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