Waiting for Harry Potter? Try these!

Courtney Crumrin is not a sweet girl. She is not a nice girl. She is, however, an interesting girl. When she and her parents move in with her eccentric Uncle Aloysius, she starts to learn about magic and the goblins. Soon it’s clear that she’s better off hanging with the Night Things than she is with the stuck-up kids at her school. It’s adolescent angst vs. scary spooks, adding up to excellent entertainment.

And, personally, I think she could stomp the entire Slytherin House into the ground.

In 1991, the three Bone cousins, Fone Bone, Smiley Bone, and Phoney Bone, were run out of Boneville; thus beginning a high fantasy adventure. Fantasy combined with humor, Bone is suitable for most audiences. The series has continued to interest readers and is currently being released in color editions.

Rose is a rather darker prequel to Bone. This book takes place long before Bone and his cousins are kicked out of Boneville. Not quite as suitable for all ages, but very good.

Madcap comedy meets high fantasy!
Follow the adventures of Lina, Sorceress Supreme, and Gourry, clueless man but brilliant swordsman, as they fight demons, thieves, and monsters all in the name of treasure and a good meal.

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