A little manga murder

Kindaichi Case Files and Case Closed are what I would call classic murder mysteries. There’s a corpse (usually followed by more corpses), some red herrings, a limited number of potential suspects (most of whom are not obvious), and the detective solves the mystery using his powers of observation and extensive knowledge of obscure information; he always completely explains the scenario to the entire group before fingering the murderer. All of the clues are shown in the story, so the solution is not pulled out of thin air.

Kindaichi Case Files features Hajime Kindaichi, a brilliant but lazy high school student who’s grandfather was a famous detective. Kindaichi and his best-bud and love interest, Miyuki, don’t go looking for mysteries but generally end up in the middle of one. Rated T for 13+, some violence, some innuendo.

Case Closed (also known as Detective Conan) stars the ace high detective Jimmy Kudo; unfortunately Jimmy is physically transformed into a first grader after two strange men in black feed him an unknown substance. To protect his girlfriend and hide from the men in black, Jimmy takes the name Conan Edogawa, but continues to solve crimes. Rated T+ for older teens; violence.

Nancy Drewhardy boys
Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys are back! While they are updated for the 21st century, using computers, cell phones, etc., they still retain the characteristics that have made them popular for decades. Suitable for all ages.

Librarian detective



  1. Are the Kindaichi Case Files still being published? If yes, how often do they come out and can we expect to see a bunch more?


  2. The next volume is scheduled for November, 2007. The most recent three came out in either May or November, so hopefully that pattern will continue and a new book will be out about every six months.

    Tokyopop has 27 volume projected at this time.

  3. This sounds like such an interesting story plot. I would definitely love to read this manga series.

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